We are seeking a loan investor (s) for a total of $10 Million to invest in Explorer One AK LLC to build the first dredging system, hire labor, and begin mining in the Bering Sea near Nome, Alaska. Research indicates an estimated $13 Billion of gold exists in the Bering Sea area. Our intention is to repay the loan by the end of ten production seasons while also paying a percent of net profits at the end of each production season beginning after the fifth production season to achieve a two to one payout. We will consider offering the investor(s) a seat on our Board of Directors depending on their interest and alignment to our values.

If you are interested in investing in Explorer One AK LLC, please email and introduce yourself. We will provide you with the password to access additional information. Thank you for your interest!

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Explorer Alive is the headquarters for Explorer Experience operations but it’s more than executive office space. It’s a center for innovation. It’s a place where ideas aren’t just studied; we take ideas from concept to implementation. In some cases, the project goal is for the entity to become self-sustaining and independent of Explorer funding.