About Us

Explorer One AK LLC is organized as a member limited liability corporation. Currently, the LLC has 3 members. K William Hindman is the creative engineering minded individual who designed the unique dredging system. Diane Shook is the individual managing the business side of the corporation. Cynthia Stoneman provides process mapping and business development. The three members each bring different expertise to the company. Decisions are made with unanimity. Final authorization on expenditures is made by Ms. Shook. Mr. Hindman continues to make all vendor contacts and build relationships with those companies providing materials and components to our system. Ms. Stoneman and Mr. Hindman have together met with government agencies in Alaska ensuring our permitting and leasing arrangements meet federal and state requirements.

With guidance and oversight from our other team members, the engineering, legal and accounting work is professionally outsourced, as well as web development and maintenance.

K. William Hindman

Explorer One Founder, Operations, Research & Development

william-hindmanMr. Hindman is the creative mind behind the articulating telescopic boom and this dredging system. From a young age, Mr. Hindman was interested in how things work and designing new processes. His Associates’ degrees in electronic engineering and audio/video engineering continued to build upon his natural inclinations. Mr. Hindman’s interest in design led him to the construction industry for both commercial and residential new, remodel and renovation work. Through the years, he also became a journeyman plumber and pipefitter thus adding a trade aligned with his skill in development of mechanical systems, fabrication and design.

Mr. Hindman has more than 25 years’ experience in on-site management of construction projects. Preferring to work alongside crew members, Mr. Hindman enjoys teaching and watching them learn and grow.

Since moving to the western United States in the early 1980s, Mr. Hindman has fueled his passion for adventure and the unknown with the pursuit of gold!

Diane M Shook, MBA


mrs1Ms. Shook is a visionary executive with more than 25 years of experience in public and private sector organizations. Her extensive background in organizational development, continuous process improvement, and change management affords Explorer One the ability to plan and grow successfully through proven strategic methodologies. Her leadership ability has been demonstrated repeatedly during her career.

Ms. Shook successfully grew a single location retail establishment into two retail locations and a wholesale division tapping an entirely different market segment. She managed a public sector program from initiation including policy and procedure development, ordinance development, short- and long-term planning, and interface with public and private sector officials; led the employees to create workflow to ensure task accomplishment meeting mandated deadlines. As part of a process improvement effort, she created an incentive plan to improve teamwork and productivity that effectively reduced losses caused by missing 48-hour determination criteria for Medically Indigent/Medically Needy eligibility and achieved a 3% or less error rate. Ms. Shook led a steering committee to create and implement a Virtual Office. Within six months she moved 179 employees to work from home full-time with documented 10 – 30% increases in productivity, reduced turnover and unplanned absenteeism. Explorer One promises to be her next successful venture.

Ms. Shook has an MBA and a BS in Marketing from Arizona State University. Ms. Shook is a Certified Public Manager (CPM) from ASU Executive Leadership Program.

Cynthia Stoneman

Vice President Business Services

Ms. Stoneman has over 25 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies; fifteen in the mining and construction industry. Her experience in business services, operations, continuous improvement and change management are enhanced by her communication talents. Ms. Stoneman can turn problems into learning opportunities to create, improve and implement best practices across company lines for long term solutions.

She managed a Raw Materials department for five years with responsibility for $300 MM in raw materials annually. In the first year Ms. Stoneman decreased the department’s accounts payable balance of over $2 MM past due 90 days by 99.98%. For a 2-year change management project to install front line systems and SAP integration for five business lines, Ms. Stoneman created company policy, standardized work, authored training manuals, and provided classroom and on-site training. She has been a key team member in numerous change management projects including an outsourcing project to India in 2013 that included process documentation, classroom and on-site training, continuing process support and monitoring.

William Long, PhD, CPG

Polar Explorer, Geologist, Glaciologist

bio-bill-longDr. Long continues to expand knowledge and uses of the earth and its resources. His travels include all continents with emphasis on polar areas, including five expeditions to Antarctica to map and describe geology of unknown mountain ranges in the Trans Antarctic Mountains. His Ohio Range/Nilsen Plateau stratigraphic discoveries clearly placed the Antarctic continent as part of the ancient Gondwana continent. The Long Hills in Antarctica honor his exploration and geological discoveries.

As a professor, Dr. Long inspired students who have expanded his enthusiasm for understanding our earth to universities and companies across the nation and especially in Alaska. As a geologist/hydrologist for the State of Alaska Dr. Long founded the Alaska Hydrological Survey and became the State Hydrologist. As a consulting geologist/glaciologist he explored for oil on the Alaska Peninsula and the North Slope; explored for amber on Alaska’s North Slope; sulfur on the slopes of Aleutian Volcanoes; geothermal potential on Unalaska Island; and defined runoff and life of a small glacier in the Chugach Mountains.

His 47 years of geological work in Alaska have taken him to most parts of this polar/sub-polar state including five times driving his snowmobile to Nome in the winter as a competitor in the Iron Dog snowmobile race. His worldwide and polar exploration experience, as well as his unique Alaskan investigations, will all be used for successful geological and geographical exploration of Alaska and other worldwide locations.

Chelsie Griefenberg


Ms. Griefenberg graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Entrepreneurial Management in the fall of 2010 and a Master of Accountancy in the Spring of 2012. After graduating from Arizona State University, she began working for Ernst and Young, LLP (EY) in Phoenix, Arizona where she worked for the next five years. During her time at EY, she specialized in the middle market industry working specifically with startup companies with aspirations to go public. During her tenure she worked on an IPO for a Phoenix based company. The middle market space exposed her to various industries including health insurance, cloud-based software startups, semiconductors, manufacturing, and upstream oil and gas companies. Ms. Griefenberg obtained her CPA certificate in 2014 in the State of Arizona.

Connor Tucker

Project Management

Mr. Tucker is currently earning a Bachelor of Science and Engineering in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Electrical Power and Energy Systems at Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University. His completed coursework includes a range of technical math and science, both theoretical and applied. It also included courses on project management and team development. Concurrent with college, he worked full-time for Home Depot as a Front-End Team Lead from 2015-2018. There he gained experience with managing a team and problems with a focus on meeting goals and metrics. In 2018, he started an internship with Arcadis, an international engineering consulting firm.

At his internship with Arcadis he was exposed to the planning and management of projects including municipal water treatment, commercial environmental cleanup and sustainability assessments. He participated with cost assessments and project phase planning. He worked with large data sets to identify trends allowing for the recommendation of creative solutions for improvement of process and equipment.

Steven Irvin

Sales Management

Mr. Irvin brings over 15 years of customer service experience to the Explorer team. With training from mentors such as Bob Proctor, Darren Hardy and Gary Vaynerchuk matched with the tutelage of K. William Hindman, Mr. Irvin’s main objective is to propel each of the Explorer projects forward for the betterment of humanity while maintaining a lasting opportunity for everyone involved.

Robert E. Shook

Management Advisor

Mr. Shook is a retired U.S. Army Warrant Officer who served over 20 years as a maintenance officer and pilot with his skills in mechanics, electronics, and project management. Due to the complexity of his qualifications, three people were brought in to replace him upon his retirement from the Army. Mr. Shook founded and operated a commuter airline with routes in New Mexico and Texas. At McDonnell Douglas he served as corporate pilot and quality control inspector. He was responsible for designing the crew station integration for pilot and aircraft and provided quality control inspection on the building of the AH64 Apache helicopter.

As an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector, his responsibilities included accident investigation and because of his background, he was able to determine cause of an accident with his initial investigation. As a volunteer with the Civil Air Patrol, a component of the U.S. Air Force, he achieved the rank of Major and trained cadets in aerospace education. Mr. Shook volunteered with the Arizona Rangers and, when promoted to Major, managed four units in Northern Arizona. Responsibilities with the Arizona Rangers included law enforcement assists with patrols, traffic control, and prisoner transport. As a volunteer with the San Angelo Police Department (Texas), Mr. Shook provided monitoring and enforcement for disabled parking throughout the city and assisted with traffic management. He is providing guidance and balance that only a man with his life experience and integrity can share.

Mr. Shook has a B.S. in Aviation Administration and a Masters of Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Mr. Shook maintains USA DOT FAA licenses for Mechanic, Airframe and Powerplant; Ground Instructor, Advanced Instrument; Flight Instructor, Airplane Single and Multi Engine; Rotorcraft-Helicopter; Instrument Airplane and Helicopter; Airline Transport Pilot; Commercial Pilot SEL and MEL; and Instrument Helicopter: Glider.

Steve Berol

Engineering Advisor

Mr. Berol has over 45 years of experience with emphasis in the sales, engineering, design, project/construction management and implementation of HVAC and process automation systems. Mr. Berol has twenty-two years of concurrent experience in HVAC and automation system analysis, design review, measurement and verification, commissioning, and automation system construction litigation services. Additionally, he has designed, managed construction, and commissioning of regional, state, city, and individual facility and process automation system projects. Mr. Berol provides litigation and expert witness services, as well as reviews/authors and manages contracts for a wide variety of projects. Among his leisure time hobbies, he enjoys antique auto restoration, woodworking, recreational gold prospecting and dredging, metal detecting, numismatics, collecting various artist’s works, remote camping, and boating.

Dan Mclaran

Technical and Spiritual Advisor

From an early age, Mr. Mclaran liked working with his hands and building things. At age 9 started a paper route he held for four years. Growing up in Southern California, he attended Oceanside High, was in marching, concert, and jazz bands, along with the freshman year and 2 years of J.V Baseball. Mr. Mclaran took woodshop, welding, drafting, electronics and automotive as elective classes and has enjoyed over the years performing woodworking as a hobby. Mr. Mclaran currently plays the Bass in the worship band at church.

Mr. Mclaran worked in the hospitality industry throughout high school. Upon graduation, he went into the construction trade as a plumber. In 1987 he became a Master Mason, and in 1988 a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason. Mr. Mclaran was the Master of Lodge 381 Oceanside – San Dieguito in 1995 and is now a past Master. While continuing in the plumbing trade, he attended 6 years of schooling through the ROP program in San Diego and received certificates of completion in codes and plan reading. Performing as a plumber in the residential, custom and commercial aspects of the trade, he was offered to start performing as a lead man and foreman in 1989, then in 1997 acquired the C-36 plumbing license in the State of California. Mr. Mclaran became a self-proprietor in the plumbing business. The final three years, he had a crew of 2-3 apprentices/plumbers working for him. In 2004, Mr. Mclaran moved to Arizona and dedicated his time as a father while working for plumbing companies throughout the valley.

He is skilled in installing black iron and track gas piping as well as all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial plumbing services. He has served as a superintendent and as a service manager over crews of plumbers. Since 2014, Mr. Mclaran has had the position of Estimator/Project Manager. With over 35 years in the trade, Dan is familiar with the tools of the plumbing trade and specialty tools required such as coring machines, groovers, threading machines, and arc welding to name a few.

Donald W. Adams

Manager Dredge/Barge Operations

Mr. Adams has a background rich in operations, quality, and business management experience. In the electrical connector industry, Mr. Adams was instrumental in the product design, implementation and delivery of new components and connectors, expanded a general product line resulting in 43% of the yearly total sales, and provided nurturing and technical support of key customers. He has served as safety chairman and safety coordinator resulting in zero-time loss due to unsafe equipment and processes. Additionally, Mr. Adams led ISO 9000 audits for several companies. Since 2001, Mr. Adams has managed his own construction and renovations company. His formal education includes EMT and Electronics in the U.S. Air Force, and Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, California.

Jeffrey Lee Hines

Manager Dredge/Barge Operations

Mr. Hines comes to Explorer One with more than 35 years of demonstrated hands-on leadership and operations experience. Mr. Hines skills range from responsible business ownership managing staff, scheduling, prioritizing and coordinating multiple jobs across multiple locations. He is skilled in the trades including millwright, pipefitting, welding, sheet metal, paint, concrete, minor electrical and drywall. He has installed finish systems, overhead conveyor systems, commercial baking ovens, materials systems, chip collector systems, exhaust, pneumatic and HVAC systems.

As far as heavy equipment, Mr. Hines is proficient with forklift, front end loader, all reach, skid loader, bobcat, and small crane; and in tool operations, he is proficient with all tools including big bore mills, lathes, press, tap and dye, threading machines, mag base drills, calipers, roto hammers, and pneumatic jack hammer to name a few. This broad knowledge will be of tremendous benefit working on the barge mining operations of Explorer One. His formal education includes Bates and Tacoma Community Colleges and DeVry Technical Institute.

Emilie Malone

Marketing and Communications

Mrs. Malone started her career in marketing and public relations while in college at Arizona State University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude within 3 years, receiving a Bachelors in Science for Nutrition Communications. She’s developed branding and increased engagement within her past positions doing marketing for Arizona State University. Her skill sets, passion and tenacity will project Explorer One’s mission and vision across the United States and beyond.

Explorer Alive is the headquarters for Explorer Experience operations but it’s more than executive office space. It’s a center for innovation. It’s a place where ideas aren’t just studied; we take ideas from concept to implementation. In some cases, the project goal is for the entity to become self-sustaining and independent of Explorer funding.